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Minar International Hajj and Umrah Group has been organizing Umarh & Hajj Tours longer than anyone else in the region. Top features and our extra client care together with an affordable price. Academic scholars and Imams ensure you are well prepared before Hajj and guide you through the Hajj Tour itself.


We are backed up by a team of licensed Tour Operators in Bangladesh been into business for years. Our excellent contracting with all major Hotels and Transport providers in Saudi Arabia guarantees us with multiple service options which cater to any specific requirement for our valued client planning an Umrah or Hajj.

Alhamdulillah all Of Pilgrims Have Enjoyed Minar International Hajj Umrah package With Us Over The Years

Therefore by the Grace of Almighty Allah, Minar Hajj-Umrah Group has established as a front-runner in a relatively short time (since 2011 ) in offering Hajj & Umrah services. Alhamdulillah, Our main concern has always been to remain fair and honest in all our dealings, delivering what we promise, and combining professionalism with firm adherence to the Qur’an & Sunnah.

We find that the majority of people who travel with us do so based on recommendations from previous customers. We served happily a large number of peoples every year Umrah and Hajj. Alhamdulillah, all of them are very happy with us.   

-To know more about us, visit our website, at any time you can contact our client for your satisfaction and verification before booking the Hajj – Umrah package. We are a specialized & country-leading company for VIP 5 Star Hajj package and Umrah Package. Even we cater customized packages also to suit the client’s budgets & busy schedules.

-We offer a different type of Hajj package and umrah package on the basis of facilities and duration. facilities like the type of accommodation – 5-star hotels to the budget category. Transportation, food, mina tents VIP / Normal, etc.

Our Hajj package duration 14days  to 37 days & Umrah package duration 5 days to 15 days.

Minar International Hajj Group is ability to process the umrah visa very fast, even within 24 hours, if an emergency.